Section 96 Additional Information and Key Contacts

  1. KS4 Performance tables and Section 96.
  2. How to find out about the school census and QAN codes.
  3. 16-19 Funding Validity.
  4. Role of Learning Aim Reference Service (LARs).
  5. Role of Ofqual.
  6. Section 96 contact details.

Key Stage 4 performance tables.

Section 96 approval is not an indication of whether or not a qualification will be included in the Key Stage 4 performance tables. While schools are free to offer any qualification approved under section 96 for the relevant age group, Key Stage 4 performance tables will be restricted to qualifications that for the majority of young people:

  • are rigorous
  • are high quality
  • enable progression to a wide range of employment and further study opportunities

Further information about the process for considering qualifications for inclusion in performance tables can be found on GOV.UK. Any queries relating to Key Stage 4 performance tables should be sent to the DfE via an online form.

School census and QAN codes.

If you require any information about qualifications and the school census then there is more information on the DfE school census webpages or you can contact the Data Collection Helpdesk service using the service request form.

If you wish to find the correct QAN number for a qualification then you can search for this on the DfE QAN website.

16 to 19 funding validity.

The ESFA manage funding to support all state-provided education for young people.

The ESFA provide guidance on what provision is eligible for inclusion within a 16 to 19 funded study programme. A full list of eligibility criteria can be found within the ESFA Funding Regulation guidance for young people.

For a qualification to be eligible for 16 to 19 funding validity it must:

  • lead to an external certificate offered by an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation
  • have section 96 approval

The ESFA 16 to 19 funding validity means the period for which a qualification is eligible for ESFA 16 to 19 funding. The Learning Aim Reference Service (LARS) publishes ESFA 16 to 19 funding validity for a qualification.

The ESFA can be contacted using the online enquiry form.

Learning Aim Reference Service (LARS).

ESFA 16 to 19 funding validity data is available online in LARS. Further education stakeholders can use LARS to check the ESFA 16 to 19 funding validity for a qualification.

The funding validity data in LARS is updated to coincide with the Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data returns made by funded institutions, so that the latest funding validity is available for qualifications being returned in the ILR. Further information on the ILR and the ILR returns timetable is available from GOV.UK.

Queries relating to qualifications that are regulated by Ofqual and approved on section 96, but not showing on LARS with 16 to 19 funding validity should be directed to the ESFA by email:

Ofqual – Register of regulated qualifications.

Ofqual maintain standards and confidence in qualifications. They look after GCSEs and A levels, as well as a wide range of vocational qualifications in England. They also regulate the National Curriculum Assessments in England.

Ofqual achieve this by regulating and monitoring recognised organisations that deliver qualifications and assessments.

Regulated awarding organisations use the Portal to submit or amend qualification data to Ofqual. Ofqual publish regulated qualification details online in the Register of Regulated Qualifications.

For information about data on the Register, you can contact Ofqal at

Section 96 contact details.

If you have any queries about section 96, please email us at